Could the Passion be a differentiation tool?

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Learning and Growth

Absolutely positive. Marketers, managers, leaders have to show and give passion to their worlds to move troops in order  to win the war, battle by battle.

Passion is a tool that enables teams to reach a high performance, to give more than what it is expected and be more efficient, productive and profitable.

Now, we can add to the passion one element that will explode that differentiation and become it into a competitve advantage: The orientation to action. These mad times we are living require more than words, require action, decisions from managers, leaders. The message, the feeling can be transmitted but the action will reinforce that message and it wil become into an important value in the people’s lives.

I have to say that pasion plus an orientation to action will be key to reach a new and profitable level.

We’ll see winners and losers in this kind of economy, but for sure, the winners will have had passion and will have been oriented to action. Do you want to bet?


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