Are you a problem maker?

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Learning and Growth

Definitely, these times are appropriate to get mad. We have more than enough reasons for that.

However, the dirtiest situation you can find is when you have to deal with people that are problem makers or excuse makers; and you can find them everywhere. That’s why I am asking if you are part of that people, that are making us to get mad day after day.

This time is not marketing, is about leadership, leaders that need to inspire people to make the best effort and celebrate their achievements with the committment of doing better the next time.

We need to find out the motivators to change inefficiencies and be more effective.

Read below and tell me if you are forming part of the new mad leaders for this and the next mad generation. If so, welcome taker!

“We are all manufacturers-making good, making trouble or making excuses.”

— H. V. Adolt

  1. Not me. I read all kinds of interesting articles and bloggs everyday and this is by far the most interesting.

    Makes you really take a look at yourself. doesn’t it.

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