The Tiger and My Brand

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios

That is the current relationship that no brand wants. Everybody knows about Woods’ problems and the impact on his life. But, what about the brands that are associated with him? P& G is going to respect his decision of taking his time to improve his personal life, Gillete is going to take actions to disassociate his brand with tiger.

Now what? If you manage your brand and it has been associated with tiger, what do you stand for? We can’t see the immediate impact of his actions on the associated brands, but remember that you are not only image, you are service, you give satisfaction, you have your customers satisfied. That is what your brand stand for.

Everyone can make mistakes, now, what does America stand for? What marketers can do? Support him, or take the brand far away from him.

This is a good lesson about why you can’t use and build your brand completely based on the performance of a celebrity, because we are humans and we make mistakes.

Companies need to reassess their marketing programs and to lead to new horizons. The time will say what the impact of tiger on brands will be, but this is clear, you need to know and create different scenarios to have your brand covered before any negative situation, you are not prepared yet, are you?


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