Businesses go offshore: The decade of the emerging markets

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios

The new decade to come will be the surge of the emerging markets as a fresh, innovative and profitable alternative for investors and business developers. Either marketers or investors will follow the path to the new BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) emerging economies to launch products/services or where investors can put their money and expect the best returns globally.

Let’s take a look at what South America has to offer according to data released by Bloomberg:  

Brazil will be the first target to do business with a GDP growth forecast of 5% for 2010. Its principal index Bovespa will have an earning growth of 24%. Brazil is the leader in South America and lead the Mercosur, and other free trades agreements.

The second in the list will be Chile with a growth of 4% of GDP and its stock market Select will offer a 31% of earning growth.

Colombia is the third country in South America with 2% GDP and its IGBC General will offer 33% of growth.

Here it is a link that provides more information about Brazil’s economy and at the same time gives an overview of the ways to profit from this leader country in South America.

I’ll be tracking how South America economies will move forward to the new decade and assess the business opportunities I can find for either marketers or investors.


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