Are You a Market Developer?

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios

There are many factors to consider and many variables to analyze that fall into the macroeconomic and microeconomic field and with more social and technological implications before making a decision that are impeding the companies around the world to make better decisions.

Actually, companies have to rethink about how they collect, gather, store and analyze data with multiple variables and make more decisions based on customers-markets needs. The customer portfolio approach is more important than before. You can’t work with a product vision approach not anymore. You need to pulse and feel your markets and know how your customer portfolio is structured and allocate resources to develop your more profitable markets or develop new market opportunities.

We need a market developing approach and see the whole world. The outsourcing strategies will continue and many economic changes will come and evolve, we have to be ready to identify the markets that are being more impacted by those changes and design strategies to conquer opportunities or gaps in customer needs/satisfaction.

If you are thinking of developing the next product-thing, make sure it will develop your current market and new ones and not give opportunities to the competition and reduce the possibilities of big profit for a small portion of a bad forecasted demand.

Listen to your markets. What do you think?


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