What it takes to discover your social star – iMediaConnection.com

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios
“A new specialization and important function has entered into the businesses circle to reach more customers and increase brand awareness: The Social Media Manager.

Wow! It was about time, but you can consider to have your marketing manager to handle it or having someone else to report to the marketing manager or to the CEO directly.

It doesn’t matter how that position can fit within your organization, but the point is that you have to open a space for the person who is going to raise your brand identity, brand awareness and who is going to evangelize more prospects and convert them into your loyal customers from the online world. A powerful online communicator to spread the word of mouth with analytical skills to direct the right data at the right time to make better strategic decisions in your online marketing program.

This is a good detail about what to look for when thinking of opening a social media position. Just link.”

Looking to hire a social media specialist? Here’s a list of key skills to look for, and the tasks your social media manager should — and shouldn’t — be expected to tackle.

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