“Fat Tax”? Marketing Takers To The Rescue

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios

I was watching a Fox Business video during my light and protein based breakfast today, video that shocked me. The video was titled:  ‘ Should Overweight Americans pay a ‘Fat Tax’? ‘. The defender of the application of a ‘fat tax’ is www.theAntigym.com’s Michael Karolchyk in the Money Rocks show.

The discussion was not interesting at all, but the whole point here is what a lack of creativity, strategy, and leadership to have more people involved in a more healthy life. There are certain people who just know how to get mediocre results with easy solutions.

Let’s be more authentic, aggressive and determinants. We are marketers, strategists, creative people so why not design a successful campaign to promote healthy lives, to promote fitness activities, to promote sports, martial arts, etc.

The campaign doesn’t need to be expensive, in fact we can start now. Share this blog with your teams, your family and gather everyone you know to promote a successful word of mouth campaign to promote a beautiful, productive and efficient life through fitness, motivation, sports and personal/organizational development.

I’m tempted to post myself in my Facebook and twitter to generate this positive wave of marketing takers and rulers. We have to go outside to spread this new campaign, and this message is for myself either. I have got lean and fit through a healthy diet and enjoying with cross training workouts I have mixed with my knowledge on fitness and martial arts. I am an example that everything is possible, we need to help others out.

Forget that stupid idea and let’s build a new life style for everyone.

Let’s rock!

Pd: You’ll see my next project soon about an idea to start my own business.


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