Industrial Player or Technological Company?

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Financial Review

That was the question of one of the host of CNBC asked to a panel when were analyzing Microsoft’s stocks and its competitive behavior.

Well, if we consider  the late introduction of technological and mobile products, and no sign of one solid and consistent strategic position in the market, we could say that is neither an industrial player nor a real technological company.

I think that Microsoft has spent its time to focus on what the competition has been doing than listening to the market. That is a big problem when your efforts are directed to beat the competition through a product portfolio strategical approach.

I keep emphasizing that the best approach is to build your customer/market portfolio and allocate resources based on what your markets need, listen to them and give them back the best solution and service, increase your sales and boost your profits so you’ll have a better result in the stock market.

Do you want to bet that a customer portfolio approach is for winners? I BET !

via MSFT: Buy, Sell or Hold? –


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