GDP Release: The Consumers are the kings

Posted: July 30, 2010 in Financial Review

I know the information of the GDP has been travelling around the web, but I wanted to bring you the GDP official release from the Bureau Economic Analysis, US Department of Commerce. Whatever I have to say is not going to work, because we were expecting the 2.4% a slow rhythm if we compare it with the 3.7% of the first quarter.

GDP Release 073010

Let’s reach my point: Demand, consumers, free market that is what is going to guide the economic recovery. If consumers expectations are low, if they don’t feel confidence on increasing their spending the economic recovery will be another american dream to fight for.

We have to stimulate the consumption and the investments, we can not afford more economic policies are not related with the creation of wealth. Companies need markets to sell, need to expand their market share, to produce more, and if the production needs are high jobs will be created.

I do not know if my experience and studies in management make me be more risk taker and support the market side, but I can’t conceive any politic or economic view that doesn’t create wealth and doesn’t create the environment to boost consumption and investments.

Let me know what you think, I don’t want to be tedious with this topic and fortunately I am a Business man, I am a Manager, I am a leader who is learning how to improve my own life and share with others what I can during my own transformation to be better.

Let’s take over our own recovery step by step.


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