Strategic Perspectives

Posted: August 2, 2010 in General Thoughts

Well, as you have realized now you can read the blogs on the field you are interested in, because my reviews will be targeted and classified into four strategic perspectives.

Yes, you are right. They belong to a Balance Scorecard that any business should have in order to understand better its processes and how to achieve its goals through a deep understanding of its key areas that drive success.

The strategic perspectives that I have opened as categories are:

  • Financial Review
  • Internal Processes and Management
  • Learning and Growth
  • Marketing and Customer Portfolios

Be aware that I will be posting different reviews on a wide variety of topics that can influence your thinking and the way you manage one of those key strategic perspectives in your company. I hope this can help you to boost your activities and can produce a roadmap as well as a continue source of ideas to apply in your organization to be more effective.

I really think that the way this works is that you have to concentrate on boosting your employees’ performance through a well designed training portfolio so they will be able to rock your processes and create the best experience to your customers and those actions will be reflected on your financial performance.

Do you want to bet that is the way this works? Let me know.



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