Key Questions To Improve Your Organization: Finance

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Financial Review

Well, who doesnt’ know that this area is the one everybody is looking at. Any change on your profitability ratios, or your leverage level, a change in your cash flow inflow or outflow are going to move the financial markets and at the last-minute you will know if investors’ expectations about your management were reached or not.

However, remember that financial performance is the result of your operations, strategy and competitive position you have within your industry. Therefore, let’s make sure your financial analysis and you forecasts are based on what your market can offer or what your growth expectations are.

That is why I insist on adopting a customer/market  portfolio management approach, because your budget and forecast and your strategic and operational strategies will be aligned to the markets needs and resources will be assigned effectively.

The questions are:

  1. How do you drive long-term shareholder value?
  2. Are your financial strategy meeting with shareholder expectations?
  3. Are you creating value economic added?
  4. Are your financial projections aligned with your market potential?
  5. Are your cash flow management being effective and generating wealth?

Let’s keep those numbers growing!


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