Pursuing Growth Or still On Hold?

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Internal Processes and Management

A Global Business Outlook survey made by Duke University and CFO Magazine shows the following pattern in terms of growth:

  • 47% of CFO’s are pursuing growth cautiously
  • 26% of CFO’s are pursuing growth aggressively
  • 18% of CFO’s are still coping with the recession’s impact
  • 8% of CFO’s are in a holding pattern
  • 1% Other

That is the pattern, I would like to know to what category you belong. I hope you have had the ability to handle the crisis well in such a way now you are betting on pursuing growth, at least cautiously.

If you are still coping with the recession’s impact, you should follow a lean strategy operations to reduce your costs and waste, and start building some cash that can be assigned to growth in your existing markets or new ones.

But, if you are in a holding pattern, please, what are you waiting for? Use that cash to create wealth. You have options: Build or diversify your investment portfolio, acquire new companies or merge with one can help you in competitive terms, deliver the additional cash to shareholders, repurchase stocks if they are undervalued or funding new product development projects or design a strategy to enter new markets or to increase the level of your market penetration.

That being said, I hope you can visualize how your competitors are working and how they are managing. just a suggestion: Don’t be paralyzed, neither for fears nor for holding on analysis.

Take action now.


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