Drain on American Education: My Baby Girl and I

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Marketing and Customer Portfolios

Back to school. My six year old baby girl was excited about her first day in first grade.

However, I was not so excited with the shopping list between my hands. I tried different places before purchasing her uniforms, and guess what? I bought her uniforms where the prices were higher. What is wrong with me? I was wondering.

The point is the stores where I could purchase school uniforms saving money they were bad organized, with the uniforms bad displayed. The store that offered me the cleanest, and better organized with personalized attention got my money.

This is the lesson: Sometimes, consumers are not looking for savings or for cheapest products, there are other factors that influence in the purchase decision, especially when you are dealing with your babies, right?

Here it is a video that analyzes the back to school season, financially speaking, but this is  definetely a lesson on customer experience.


Drain on American Education – CNBC.com.


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