New Leadership For Better Organizations

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Internal Processes and Management

We as managers face different constraints in our organizations, and due to the current economic slow down one of the major problems is the lack of manpower; althought the performance indexes are good because we are making the additional effort to get things done.

But, is it possible to get things done efficiently with less staff ? yes, it is.

Your response will depend on how well you are as a manager and more important how well you are doing as a leader. The old schools of leadership don’t seem to be working today, because we have new challenges such as a low level of employee engagement, a high rate of employees and customers turnover, few opportunities to grow, and a  more challenging competitive environment.

Now, the response is a new leadership more visionary, more inspirational and transformational on a daily basis. I have been able to get things done and even more with less employees thanks to the execution of different leadership styles to inspire my teams.

I want you to know new leadership strategies such as:

Chaos Embracer, Wow! Injector, Facilitator, Partner and Collaborator, Talent Scout and Developer, Futurist, Values Champion, Clarity Creator, Passionate Player, and Storyteller designed by Cufaude and Kennedy.
So, click below to know details about the born of a new leadership.
Lead your teams to achieve goals, no matter what.

Leadership: 21st Century Organizations.


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