The Sensei Project: Let’s Promote Self-defense

Posted: November 2, 2010 in General Thoughts

I’m glad to find out martial artists are concerned about self-defense and wellness instead of fighting for money. I am not saying that is bad, what I mean is that we should give space for bringing our communities peace and a new life style through the practice of martial arts.

I will be in contact with Tom Callos and the initiative of The Sensei project. I have started teaching  my daughters how to use Karate for self-defense purposes and then I will take them to competition; but in the meantime I want they know that the best defense is to avoid fighting and bringing creative solutions to our problems. However, if there is not peaceful solution we will have to act and defend our lives.

I want to encourage everyone and especially kids to practice and find out the wonderful world of martial arts, and I emphasize the pratice of karate that is my favorite art and sport. I love it and if you learn it you will also love it.


The Sensei Project.


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