Fighting Like Hell!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in General Thoughts

I am pretty sure that everyone has fought like hell around the world to keep families surviving during the financial crisis; and we are still fighting.

I have talked to my wife about my decision of starting up a venture. There are many opportunities out there and I want to take advantage of them. Now, the question is: What should I do?, What kind of business should I pursue?. Actually, I am interested in marketing, consulting, performance dashboards; but I have another passion that falls into the sport industry: Martial Arts.

Being specifically: Karate, Shotokan style. However, I am more adept to embracing a free style where your body, mind and spirit will determine your fighting style. It doesn’t matter the style, it is about the spirit, it is about the fighter.

Of course, the basic style is there; in my case is shotokan-karate; but, I am more than a fighter, I am a martial artist willing to learn more and enhance my fighting skills.

Well, it is possible that I can take my passion and start-up my journey. In the meantime, I want  to show you one of my favourite kata: Empi.

Enjoy and success.


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