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Performance dashboards let managers to manage processes, markets, and inspire employees.

That is the way I see when we speak about benefits of a performance dashboard. It will open the doors to better internal and external opportunities. It will help you to visualize and communicate your strategy and it will show you  how to accomplish your objectives.

It is not a new tool nor a technique that will be forgotten. It is here to stay and to be improved with new technological advancements. However, the best way to start is to map your current strategic position and visualize your fututre scenarios. Identifying where you want to be  will open gaps that you will need to cover in order to achieve your goals.

After that, you will have to map your processes, determine your key performance indicators with the factors that influence them and to translate them into metrics to measure your inputs and outputs.

It is key to align your vision, mission, strategies and tactics through the board to be consistent and get the results expected.

That is the most simple view to start. I do not want to be a guru of anything; I just want to share with you my thoughts and share whatever can help us to improve.

Share with me your experiences with performance dashboards.


 What Are Performance Dashboards?.


We as managers face different constraints in our organizations, and due to the current economic slow down one of the major problems is the lack of manpower; althought the performance indexes are good because we are making the additional effort to get things done.

But, is it possible to get things done efficiently with less staff ? yes, it is.

Your response will depend on how well you are as a manager and more important how well you are doing as a leader. The old schools of leadership don’t seem to be working today, because we have new challenges such as a low level of employee engagement, a high rate of employees and customers turnover, few opportunities to grow, and a  more challenging competitive environment.

Now, the response is a new leadership more visionary, more inspirational and transformational on a daily basis. I have been able to get things done and even more with less employees thanks to the execution of different leadership styles to inspire my teams.

I want you to know new leadership strategies such as:

Chaos Embracer, Wow! Injector, Facilitator, Partner and Collaborator, Talent Scout and Developer, Futurist, Values Champion, Clarity Creator, Passionate Player, and Storyteller designed by Cufaude and Kennedy.
So, click below to know details about the born of a new leadership.
Lead your teams to achieve goals, no matter what.

Leadership: 21st Century Organizations.

This breakfast is about how well I will perform after eating it. Since my diet is a protein – based one I think I will be able to perform the best I can. But, this time is not going to happen with some CEOs.

Unfortunately, there are CEOs that have allowed their firms to fail and if you check their numbers, they haven’t been able to handle the economic situation and haven’t been able to design an effective strategy to expand their operations efficiently or get lean operations to reduce waste and costs and improve their financial ratios.

I have to continue with my breakfast, so take a look at what Cramer has to say about the worst CEOs.


via Cramer: Who Is The Worst CEO? – CNBC.

We know there are different styles of managing and leadership, but I have sustained for many occasions the best style is the one that is flexible to act according to the circumstances and the factors involved in specific situations.

Here it is an article of Christine Riordan from Forbes about how good and when micromanaging can be a good alternative to face challenges.


A Global Business Outlook survey made by Duke University and CFO Magazine shows the following pattern in terms of growth:

  • 47% of CFO’s are pursuing growth cautiously
  • 26% of CFO’s are pursuing growth aggressively
  • 18% of CFO’s are still coping with the recession’s impact
  • 8% of CFO’s are in a holding pattern
  • 1% Other

That is the pattern, I would like to know to what category you belong. I hope you have had the ability to handle the crisis well in such a way now you are betting on pursuing growth, at least cautiously.

If you are still coping with the recession’s impact, you should follow a lean strategy operations to reduce your costs and waste, and start building some cash that can be assigned to growth in your existing markets or new ones.

But, if you are in a holding pattern, please, what are you waiting for? Use that cash to create wealth. You have options: Build or diversify your investment portfolio, acquire new companies or merge with one can help you in competitive terms, deliver the additional cash to shareholders, repurchase stocks if they are undervalued or funding new product development projects or design a strategy to enter new markets or to increase the level of your market penetration.

That being said, I hope you can visualize how your competitors are working and how they are managing. just a suggestion: Don’t be paralyzed, neither for fears nor for holding on analysis.

Take action now.

IP & M or Internal Processes and Management have to be directed to create value, the value that customer is asking for and be efficient to create the value stockholders are waiting for.

Yes, this component of your balance scorecard has to generate value for the organization, for suppliers, for clients and why not for the society.

The questions are:

  1. Are your processes designed to generate value?
  2. What are the key processes your company has to excel in order to improve your customers’ experience?

This needs a great effort of the management team to align corporate goals with operational goals and the employees performance to achieve the main reason of existing: The creation of value.


I have subscribed to Stacey’s newsletter and updates. I think she is a good promoter of the development of Key Performance Indicators. Take a look at her post and as she says have fun with KPI’s.

Remember that your KPI’s have to drive performance and make your organization better and give you the chance to make wise decisions to impact your efficiency and your customer service.

Let’s keep our performance up!

Make Measurement Fun: Playing the name game.