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I have read a lot about how to manage your boss or how to influence upper management levels.

It is interesting that middle managers have to organize their time to share ideas, vision with upper management. After all, we want an opportunity to climb the ladder and this is one way to do it.

The most valuable I learned from this article is that you have to define what your boss sees as priority in your department. Once the priorities are identified focus on getting them done effective and efficiently. What is more, you have to let your boss know your improvements; therefore, be ready to present your metrics and dashboards with your bright results proactively.

Click below and have fun reading the article, but remember to put those ideas into action.

6 Ways To Impress Your Boss –


It is wise to share information and knowledge. That is why I am adding this link where you can see mistakes from a different perspective.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter the mistake, it is how you face it and what you do to change it and continue doing great things.


via Dale Carnegie Training – The Coaches Corner.

L&G or Learning and Growth is one of the key components that drive organizational success. That is why I have a couple of questions for you:

  1. How do your organization learn and improve?
  2. Have you set up a specific budget to build a training portfolio for your employees to boost their performance?

So far, two key questions to answer and be honest and don’t tell me that you do not have budget for that and whatever excuse. There are always ways to balance your budget better in such a way you can take part of that budget to increase employees performance. At the end of the day, your teams are the ones who deliver the work and get things done, am I wrong?


That is the title of an article I found in pointing out good ways to engage employees;  however, I think the most important thing is the honest and clear communication.

 I can assure you that if you try your employees with honesty and tell them the truth in a way that can make them to give you the extra mile and without caring about consequences, they’ll do their best.

Just try it and share your results with us!

Wanted: Fully Engaged Employees – Employee Communication –

This link contains a good case where a training program deliver the best results. The strategy was simple: Link the training program to the key performance metrics of the organization. A good example of investing on training and development programs that generate value.Putting Value on Training

The bottom line is that you have to put on place a training and development program to boost your performance. To achieve that you have to know your principal metrics and what the variables that you control can generate value for your customers and your employees. It is a win-win situation.

Let me know your thoughts.

Dos características hacen que Líderes y Gerentes tengan éxito y otros sucumban ante la complacencia de sus grupos de trabajo.

La primera es la Pasión. Sin Pasión, amor, deseo de triunfar, de dirigir a tu equipo hacia el éxito, no puedes ser un gran líder o gerente. Los tiempos son cada vez más fuertes y menos llevaderos, lo que hace que sólo una fuerza interna contagiosa desperte a gigantes dormidos y se pueda llegar a otro nivel.

Muchos grupos de trabajo sufren de la escasez de ese contagio de ese fuego que sus gerentes puedan transmitir para alcanzar eficiencia y productividad.

La segunda es la orientación a la acción. Los nuevos gerentes y líderes tienen que dar más que un excitante discurso, tienen que actuar, tomar decisiones; a veces dolorosas,pero necesarias.Sin acción las palabras carecen de valor y el mensaje no se refuerza, queda en el aire, y el aire se lo lleva.

Pasión y una orientación a la acción hacen las grandes diferencias en nuestras empresas y vidas.Ejemplos hay muchos, pero ¿Podrías compartir el tuyo?

Are you a problem maker?

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Learning and Growth

Definitely, these times are appropriate to get mad. We have more than enough reasons for that.

However, the dirtiest situation you can find is when you have to deal with people that are problem makers or excuse makers; and you can find them everywhere. That’s why I am asking if you are part of that people, that are making us to get mad day after day.

This time is not marketing, is about leadership, leaders that need to inspire people to make the best effort and celebrate their achievements with the committment of doing better the next time.

We need to find out the motivators to change inefficiencies and be more effective.

Read below and tell me if you are forming part of the new mad leaders for this and the next mad generation. If so, welcome taker!

“We are all manufacturers-making good, making trouble or making excuses.”

— H. V. Adolt