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This is a hot day here in Miami and the halloween environment is in the air, but this hasn’t influenced or at least has nothing to do with the last customer sentiment report released by Reuters/University of Michigan.

The consumer sentiment index fell from 68.2 to 67.7 below analyst expectations.

The principal concern is if the negative sentiment will continue during the rest of this year, after all consumers don’t care what economists or whoever has to say about the global economy if they don’t have the money to spend.

Marketers and companies have to be aware of this trend and be proactive in terms of pricing strategies. This is the right moment to increase market share or to take market from competition with tactical decisions on price, distribution and sales promotion. You have to creare the need of change and be a game changer to boost your profits.

Have a safe weekend and start planning agressive tactics for your markets, redefine your industry and set up new rules to win this game.


Proactive Investors NA – U.S. markets tread water after consumer sentiment report and third quarter GDP data.


We have to be aware of how our customers behave and how they adopt the last technologies for their consumption.

Marketers count on the challenge to apply mobile technology to their marketing strategic tools as a way to reach their customers and be more involved in the purchase process.

That will be the key for marketers when they realize that a way to create new competitive advantages are to be  connected and to share the purchase process with customers. It sounds like more intimacy, doens’t it? Well, if that is the case, just be cautious and not to invade customers’ privacy, but you have to be more involved with your customers and they will be more engaged in sharing their heart with your brand.

See the following result of a study in USA, Europe and Japan about mobile behavior and don’t be surprised if Japanese are more connected that the rest of the world, but the US mobile users are the most social networkers.

Do you already know the mobile behavior of your target market?

Mobile Behavior Varies Globally

I have received a good article about tips on how to create loyal customers.

It represents, but I am afraid marketers are not realizing that is important to invest on retention activities planned into the customer relationship strategic planning.

Basically, marketers have even digital tools to invest for retaining customer purposes,  and techniques to create evangelism programs that allow organizations to count on a loyal base of customers who in fact will spread their great experiences and will boost our word of mouth tactics.

As this article emphasizes we have basic marketing objectives from a customer centric approach: Branding, Acquisition and Retention, be prepared to plan a successful BAR strategy to keep growing your market share.


Dale Carnegie Training Engaging Ideas Newsletter: Creating Loyal Customers.

It is great what women can do. If you have doubt, watch out how Avon has growth  8% to $2.7 billion in this second quarter.

Listen to Mrs. Jung Avon’s CEO how her company faces the constraints in consumer spending to develop markets and double the net income of the company.

Her point of view is valid, she considers that although the consumer spending is depressed, customers have learned to find value in their purchases.

I agree with her, now customers have learned more how to manage their budget, and make better purchase decisions. Anyway, it is not just about pricing strategies but value creation for customers strategy.

Have a nice long weekend, and success.

Behind Avon’s Growth –

This is a trend that anyone could have imagined, the boost of the mobile technology makes customers more reachable and offer companies tools for improving targeting techniques.

Marketers have to be aware of these technologies to design better customer experiences and why not better employees experiences.

This time I am linking to a study where shows that online ad will grow around 14% meaning $51.9 billion in 2011. Where the segment with the fastest growing rate is the online display.

We have to take advantage of that growth and be a direct participant of this world. I am betting on mobile advertising based on more targeted strategies to position our brands in customers’ mind and heart to generate evangelism.

Well, link and watch those numbers and enjoy your lunch. Actually, I’m having a light lunch and seeing a trend of the fitness industry delivered via mobile.


Online Ad Growth to Outpace Total Ad Growth.

I don’t know how many times I have read that the content is the king.

Well, in fact, it is the king. Marketers are using the available technology to improve their content and their message directed to their target markets.

The explosion of the video and video web on- demand have to be another strategic and tactic tool for boosting our communication with our markets. I don’t have any doubt that marketers will use this tool to implement training programs to customers, especially in the B2B model.

We can learn from new initiatives and make them rock.

Here, it is a statistic data that shows how marketers use video.


Marketers Educate via Video.

Back to school. My six year old baby girl was excited about her first day in first grade.

However, I was not so excited with the shopping list between my hands. I tried different places before purchasing her uniforms, and guess what? I bought her uniforms where the prices were higher. What is wrong with me? I was wondering.

The point is the stores where I could purchase school uniforms saving money they were bad organized, with the uniforms bad displayed. The store that offered me the cleanest, and better organized with personalized attention got my money.

This is the lesson: Sometimes, consumers are not looking for savings or for cheapest products, there are other factors that influence in the purchase decision, especially when you are dealing with your babies, right?

Here it is a video that analyzes the back to school season, financially speaking, but this is  definetely a lesson on customer experience.


Drain on American Education –