Fighting Like Hell!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in General Thoughts

I am pretty sure that everyone has fought like hell around the world to keep families surviving during the financial crisis; and we are still fighting.

I have talked to my wife about my decision of starting up a venture. There are many opportunities out there and I want to take advantage of them. Now, the question is: What should I do?, What kind of business should I pursue?. Actually, I am interested in marketing, consulting, performance dashboards; but I have another passion that falls into the sport industry: Martial Arts.

Being specifically: Karate, Shotokan style. However, I am more adept to embracing a free style where your body, mind and spirit will determine your fighting style. It doesn’t matter the style, it is about the spirit, it is about the fighter.

Of course, the basic style is there; in my case is shotokan-karate; but, I am more than a fighter, I am a martial artist willing to learn more and enhance my fighting skills.

Well, it is possible that I can take my passion and start-up my journey. In the meantime, I want  to show you one of my favourite kata: Empi.

Enjoy and success.


Performance dashboards let managers to manage processes, markets, and inspire employees.

That is the way I see when we speak about benefits of a performance dashboard. It will open the doors to better internal and external opportunities. It will help you to visualize and communicate your strategy and it will show you  how to accomplish your objectives.

It is not a new tool nor a technique that will be forgotten. It is here to stay and to be improved with new technological advancements. However, the best way to start is to map your current strategic position and visualize your fututre scenarios. Identifying where you want to be  will open gaps that you will need to cover in order to achieve your goals.

After that, you will have to map your processes, determine your key performance indicators with the factors that influence them and to translate them into metrics to measure your inputs and outputs.

It is key to align your vision, mission, strategies and tactics through the board to be consistent and get the results expected.

That is the most simple view to start. I do not want to be a guru of anything; I just want to share with you my thoughts and share whatever can help us to improve.

Share with me your experiences with performance dashboards.


 What Are Performance Dashboards?.

She is an admirable woman and expert in personal financial planning. 

Clicking the link below you will know what she recommends when we lose our jobs and we have an emergency fund. Having an EF is important, but most of the time we do not have the money to save.

I will start an EF that can allow me to invest that money profitably the next year; however, this will take discipline and commitment, but it is worth. Let’s take a look at what Suze has to say and let’s start preparing our budget for 2011.

If you do not have experience in preparing a budget you will have to look for help. In the meantime, let me know your comments or questions to find out whether I can help.


Just for Emergencies –

7 experts’ predictions for 2011 –

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“We are close to the end of the year. Thi is the opportunity to share with you digital, social media experts’ predictions for 2011.

I hope you are having a good time. In the meantime, I will continue adjusting my budget, to generate more personal cash flow and get out of debt.

If you have comments let me know.”

iMedia’s panel of industry thought leaders weighs in on the companies, campaigns, and technologies that are going to change the digital marketing game.

I have read a lot about how to manage your boss or how to influence upper management levels.

It is interesting that middle managers have to organize their time to share ideas, vision with upper management. After all, we want an opportunity to climb the ladder and this is one way to do it.

The most valuable I learned from this article is that you have to define what your boss sees as priority in your department. Once the priorities are identified focus on getting them done effective and efficiently. What is more, you have to let your boss know your improvements; therefore, be ready to present your metrics and dashboards with your bright results proactively.

Click below and have fun reading the article, but remember to put those ideas into action.

6 Ways To Impress Your Boss –

Enjoy with Your Family!

Posted: November 26, 2010 in General Thoughts

I have passed through difficult situations, and I have realized that nothing is more important than to have fun with your family.

Working under pressure, studying for getting more knowledge, getting things done and at the end of the day your family is waiting for you and they are the one who want you to grow and be happy.

This is simple:It’s not matter about tools, techniques, strategies, technology; it is about relationships, and be more effective communicating and loving. Can we be more effective in our relationships and in loving our family?

Yes, we can. This is a real way to be successful.

Happy holidays!

I’m glad to find out martial artists are concerned about self-defense and wellness instead of fighting for money. I am not saying that is bad, what I mean is that we should give space for bringing our communities peace and a new life style through the practice of martial arts.

I will be in contact with Tom Callos and the initiative of The Sensei project. I have started teaching  my daughters how to use Karate for self-defense purposes and then I will take them to competition; but in the meantime I want they know that the best defense is to avoid fighting and bringing creative solutions to our problems. However, if there is not peaceful solution we will have to act and defend our lives.

I want to encourage everyone and especially kids to practice and find out the wonderful world of martial arts, and I emphasize the pratice of karate that is my favorite art and sport. I love it and if you learn it you will also love it.


The Sensei Project.